Proactive Screening

The purpose of proactive screening is to identify community-dwelling older adults who are at risk for loss of independence and who may benefit from a more comprehensive geriatric-focused assessment.

The AUA screening tool can be administered using a freely available Smart-Phone/Tablet application, which can be found by searching for InterRAI ED Screener in your device’s App Store.

The AUA screener provides a score from 1-6.  This score indicates level of risk, and correlates to different sub-set of services that may be most beneficial in maintaining community independence.

An AUA score of 5 or 6 is associated with a higher risk for loss of independence, and indicates the need for a more comprehensive geriatric-focused assessment. An older adult scoring 5 or 6 would benefit from referral to a physician for further comprehensive clinical assessment, in addition to other services identified.

More information on the AUA Screener application can be found here: