Assess and Restore Approach


Older adults who have difficulty safely and independently completing everyday activities are at higher risk for being hospitalized, and of not being able to live at home independently.

Comprehensive assessment and restorative (rehabilitative) care can improve health, and help older adults maintain and improve their independence.

In 2014, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) released The Assess & Restore (A&R) Guideline.  The Guideline introduces an Assess & Restore approach to care; a new way of approaching health care delivery for older adults living in the community that focuses on prevention and improving older adults’ ability to age independently in their own homes. 

The Five Elements of an Assess and Restore Model Approach to Care:


(Assess & Restore Guideline. MOHLTC, 2014)

Learn more about Assess and Restore and the MOHLTC Assess & Restore Guideline at:

An Assess and Restore approach to care requires health care organizations to work together, to improve health care delivery for older adults, by providing the following practices:

  • Proactive risk screening to identify older adults who are at risk of losing their independence with daily living activities
  • Comprehensive assessment, for older adults identified as high-risk, completed by health care providers with expertise in specialized care for older adults
  • Helping older adults find and access the right care, in the right place, to meet their needs
  • Direct admission, from the community to hospital-based rehab care, for older adults who need to improve their strength, balance, and independence with daily activities
  • Supportive transitions from hospital-based rehab care to home, to help older adults maintain their improved independence and health

In the South West LHIN:

An Assess & Restore approach to care is an important element of the Frail Senior Strategy in the South West LHIN. This website was developed with Assess and Restore funding, from the South West LHIN, to support health care providers in providing an Assess and Restore approach to care, through screening, identifying areas of concern, and connecting older adults and families with appropriate services in their community.

How to use the site:

Two other online tools were developed for the South West Assess and Restore project:

In 2017, St. Joseph’s Health Care London won the South West LHIN Quality Award for leading the Assess and Restore work to improve health outcomes for older adults in the South West. Read more about the award here or watch the video below.