Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)

What is a CGA?
A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is defined as a diagnostic and intervention process that identifies medical, psychosocial, and functional limitations of a frail older person in order to develop a coordinated plan to maximize overall health with aging.

The health care of an older adult extends beyond the traditional medical management of illness. It requires evaluation of multiple issues including physical, cognitive, affective, social, financial, environmental, and spiritual components that influence an older adult's health. The CGA approach is based on the premise that a systematic evaluation of frail, older persons may identify a variety of treatable health-related problems and lead to better health outcomes.

The South West Assess and Restore Team has developed a toolkit which provides an introduction to the assessment domains of the CGA, information on evidence based screening and assessment tools, and links to additional resources and online education modules for health care providers who want to learn more about Geriatric Syndromes and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments. Visit to learn more

CGA Toolkit
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